Nubo Sphere

Locate methane leaks reliably, minimize emissions sustainably.

Nubo Sphere changes the state-of-the-art in continuous methane emissions monitoring. It has never been easier to reliably detect, localize and quantify fugitive methane emissions. The future-proof design lowers the total cost of ownership. Its two exchangeable sensor cartridges allow for easy maintenance and sustainable upgrades to the latest sensor technology.

Complete solution

Sensor node

Unbox it and be ready in a matter of minutes! Ruggedness and compactness are combined with a future-proof system design.

Advanced analytics

Sensirion’s 20 years of experience in environmental sensing and data analytics is used to achieve best-in-class performance.

Emissions management

Gain a comprehensive and intuitive overview of your sites’ methane emissions using the Nubo App.

Discover Nubo Sphere

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