More insights, less emissions

Continuous monitoring represents a powerful tool for methane mitigation. Today it can be used for faster and more efficient LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair), understanding emission profiles and quantification. In the future it will be essential for regulatory compliance, root cause analysis and reconciliation. Nubo Sphere changes the state-of-the-art in continuous methane emissions monitoring. It has never been easier to reliably detect, localize and quantify fugitive methane emissions. The future-proof design and our proprietary photoacoustic-based laser spectroscopy sensor technology lower the total cost of ownership while offering highest performance. Its two exchangeable sensor cartridges allow for easy maintenance and sustainable upgrades to the latest sensor technology. It combines high performance with a cost-efficient and robust design for maximum data quality and uptime. Additionally, the Nubo Sphere platform enables operators to manage all their sites at a glance. From alerting, reporting to checking system health our software makes it easy for you to get comprehensive insights about your sites' emissions.

Ready to lead the way in emissions reduction? We are here to support you!

Let’s boost your environmental stewardship and operational excellence! Our Nubo Sphere continuous monitoring solution offers oil and gas producers several benefits:

  • Reduce costs and total emissions

    Repair the sources of emissions faster. Nubo Sphere provides real-time emissions data and actionable insights to reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. More insights, less emissions!

  • Comply with new regulations and voluntary standards

    The global regulatory environment is changing. Continuously and accurately detecting, localizing, and quantifying methane emissions allows operators to efficiently achieve compliance, meet ESG goals, reach OGMP 2.0 Level 5 and detect super emitters first—all while staying competitive. Get ahead, stay ahead.

  • Detect and qualify super emitters

    Stay ahead of third-party monitoring. Under the Super Emitter Program, certified monitors will report super emission events to the EPA for validation and publication. But there’s no need to publicly report internally detected emissions. Detect super emitters first.

  • Improve operations and personnel safety

    Detect emissions and access insights remotely. Nubo Sphere provides quick detection of leaks and real-time emissions data, allowing operators to optimize processes, minimize losses and enhance productivity. Take targeted action from afar.

  • Attract and retain financial stakeholders

    Create financially sound and socially responsible opportunities. Reducing methane emissions is not only environmentally responsible, it also presents a compelling case to investors and insurers based on reduced waste, regulatory compliance, a commitment to operational excellence, and increased profitability and shareholder value. Stand out among the competition.

  • Demonstrate your ESG commitment and reach net-zero goals

    Make your environmental stewardship public. Nubo Sphere provides empirical data from operations, making ESG reporting verifiable, credible and trustworthy. Take the guess work out of meeting emissions reduction objectives.


Unpacking the EPA's new regulations on methane emissions: how continuous monitoring supports compliance and prevents super emitter emissions events

In December 2023, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a new rule that will reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations, which are, according to the EPA’s fact sheet, “the largest industrial source of methane pollution in the U.S.” With this rule now final and its effective date approaching, the time is now for oil and gas operators to not only ensure their compliance with the rule, but also to take advantage of the new opportunities it presents. Read our article on US EPA regulations to understand how continuous monitoring solutions such as Nubo Sphere can help you achieve compliance and qualify super emitter emissions events.


Clearing the air: how continuous monitoring supports compliance with the latest EU methane regulations

The EU is taking a monumental step in the fight against climate change with new methane rules for the energy sector. In April, the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement to cut methane emissions, a major contributor to global warming. These regulations aim for a 45% reduction by 2030, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and, crucially, a 0.3°C reduction in global warming by 2045. Our latest blog post unpacks these rules, with a focus on continuous monitoring, and looks at how they'll shape the future of emissions reduction.


On-demand webinar available

What would the data you receive from our continuous monitoring solution look like and how could you act on it? In our webinar, Susanne Pianezzi showed some real examples from upstream and midstream sites across three US basins and explained how to interpret the data in relation to EPA’s rolling averages and defined action levels. Watch this exclusive webinar led by Susanne Pianezzi, Methane Emissions Monitoring Expert at Sensirion Connected Solutions! Dive deep into understanding the US EPA regulations and discover how continuous monitoring solutions like Nubo Sphere can support compliance and qualify super emitter emissions events.

Want to try Nubo Sphere?

Get in contact with us. We are happy to demonstrate what our solution can do for you!

Want to try Nubo Sphere?

Get in contact with us. We are happy to demonstrate what our solution can do for you!