Sensor technology

Next-generation CH4 sensing technology by Sensirion: reliable and cost-efficient

Bringing lab performance to the field

The next-generation CH4 sensor cartridge relies on infrared laser spectroscopy, which reliably uses the distinct absorption pattern of methane molecules. By measuring the intensity of light before and after it passes through a sample of ambient air, we can accurately determine the concentration of methane present. We’ve miniaturized this established working principle, while simultaneously increasing power-efficiency. This accomplishment is thanks to Sensirion’s 25 years of expertise in developing sensor technology and design to meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry.

Improved detection capabilities

The specificity of Nubo Sphere’s laser spectroscopy sensor towards methane removes any cross sensitivity from our solution. This provides accurate ppm methane concentration measurements, which in turn help us to effectively detect emissions.

Increased location accuracy

Thanks to the 20x faster response time of our laser spectroscopy sensor, we can now measure wind and methane at virtually the same time—an impossible feat with MOx sensors. This provides our algorithm with a better representation of reality. And that means we can locate emissions more accurately.

Outstanding quantification performance

Our proprietary laser spectroscopy sensor technology accurately measures absolute CH4 concentrations. This is in contrast to the relative and approximate measurements taken by the MOx sensor technology typically deployed in low-cost continuous monitoring solutions. Ultimately, accurate and absolute measurement is the key to enabling reliable site-level emissions quantification.

Reduced operational and maintenance costs

Thanks to Sensirion’s extensive know-how in developing reliable sensor technology, the sensor cartridge offers the highest long-term stability. Our laser spectroscopy sensors require no in-field re-calibration and, as part of our cartridge-based sensor system, are easy to upgrade. This maintains the low total cost of ownership of the Nubo Sphere solution.

Results of test campaigns

Faster response time

With a response time 20x faster than MOx sensors, Nubo Sphere collects more accurate data and more overall data, allowing for improved resolution of methane plumes.

Increased localization accuracy

Nubo Sphere provides more accurate (± 5m) location of emission sources by a factor of ~2. During ADED 2023 testing campaign, Nubo Sphere assigned emissions to the correct equipment group in 95.3 % of releases.

Improved absolute accuracy

Sensirion's proprietary next-generation CH4 sensor technology delivers significantly improved absolute accuracy over MOx sensor technology.

Next-level emissions quantification performance

Thanks to our laser spectroscopy sensor’s enhanced quantification capabilities, Nubo Sphere quantifies cumulated emissions with 98.1 % accuracy, versus 46.7 % with MOx sensor technology.

Want to try Nubo Sphere?

Get in contact with us. We are happy to demonstrate what our solution can do for you!

Want to try Nubo Sphere?

Get in contact with us. We are happy to demonstrate what our solution can do for you!