Continuous emissions monitoring

Detect, locate and quantify methane emissions reliably with Nubo Sphere.

Easy to use

Installed in a matter of minutes without any training or special tools. Seamless operation, not to mention easy data access and integration via the cloud-based Nubo Sphere platform or an API interface, give you actionable insights in real time.

All sites at a glance

With our Nubo Sphere platform you receive comprehensive insights about your sites. From alerting, reporting and checking system health, our software makes it easy for you to manage your methane emissions.

Low total cost of ownership

By combining our manufacturing prowess with a highly scalable design, we have created a very cost-efficient solution. The innovative sensor cartridge design and cloud-based data quality assurance save time and effort.

Future-proof design equals sustainable investment

Nubo Sphere sensor cartridges are easy to maintain and can be upgraded in the field. Over-the-air updates ensure usage of the latest security and performance updates. You are all set to address future regulations or customer needs.


Unpacking the EPA's new regulations on methane emissions: how continuous monitoring supports compliance and prevents super emitter emissions events

Read our new article on US EPA regulations to understand how continuous monitoring solutions such as Nubo Sphere can help you achieve compliance and prevent super emitter emissions events. We put a focus on various topics such as the requirements for continuous monitoring solutions to be approved by the EPA and consequently be used in lieu of OGI or Method 21 inspections. You will also find more information on the prescribed work practices for continuous monitoring systems to help you understand how the actual implementation of a continuous monitoring solution in the field will be like. Learn about the site-specific baseline emissions, action levels and investigative analyses, their definitions and EPA’s reasoning behind those. Finally, you will learn about the new Super Emitter Program and how you can use continuous monitoring to stay ahead of public third-party notifications and defend against arising claims.

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Our partners

Project Canary

Project Canary® is an environmental data and software company that collects, analyzes, quantifies, and visualizes environmental risk assessments and emission profiles. United by joint climate missions and leadership teams who value trust, transparency, and reliability, the offering of Sensirion Connected Solution and Project Canary's Trustwell certification gives customers more choices to impact climate change positively and future-proof their emissions reduction strategies. Explore how the partnership with Project Canary can boost your emissions management.

Intero - The Sniffers

Intero – The Sniffers contributes to a better environment. You can sense the winds of change in the oil, gas and chemical industries as they move through the energy transition. By joining forces, this partnership now offers a wide range of proven technologies to detect and quantify methane emissions and helps customers to understand, improving their emissions situation and meeting the highest reporting standards. With companies continuing to join the voluntary Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP 2.0), which the upcoming European Methane Regulation builds upon, the timing of this partnership is just right.

Want to try Nubo Sphere?

Get in contact with us. We are happy to demonstrate what our solution can do for you!

Want to try Nubo Sphere?

Get in contact with us. We are happy to demonstrate what our solution can do for you!