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General questions

Nubo Sphere

The Nubo Sensor Node houses the electronics for power and communication with two available base slots for the sensor cartridges. The cartridge houses the sensing technology.

Our first-generation Nubo Sensor Cartridge uses a metal-oxide sensor to measure methane concentrations. The second-generation cartridge will deploy a proprietary, low-cost optical sensor. This solution increases system performance thanks to enhanced sensor stability, lower cross-sensitivities to environmental conditions and faster response times. The cartridge can be upgraded in the field without removing the Nubo sensor node.

Nubo Sphere both localizes and quantifies emission sources on your assets. The Nubo application will give you a fast visual impression of what’s going on at your monitored assets.

The Nubo Sensor Node is equipped with two sensor cartridges that can easily be maintained, exchanged and upgraded to the newest sensor technology without any need to uninstall the complete sensor node. This also allows the integration of other sensing parameters like total VOCs, H2S or other compounds to comply with new regulations or requested customer needs.

Our metal-oxide Nubo Sensor Cartridge has a field lifetime of two years. The Nubo Sensor Node rating is five to six years. The new optical Sensor Cartridge will match the sensor node’s lifetime for minimized maintenance and cost of ownership.

Nubo Sphere is equipped with a 4G LTE modem, which allows connection to most well-known cellular service providers around the globe.

No, you don’t. Based on Sensirion’s extensive expertise relating to sensors, compensation engines and metal-oxide sensor technology, this is handled automatically by the Nubo Advanced Analytics. There is no need for customer interaction.

The battery ensures continued operation for more than a week. Full recharge only takes a few hours of indirect sunlight.

Sensirion’s web-based Nubo Application provides an intuitive and condensed overview of all your assets, including data visualization from all sites, emission alerts and information about system operations. You can use an API interface as an optional extra to integrate the data into your own operating software.

Nubo Sphere will be launched commercially in April 2022.

Sensirion can provide pilot support for initial installations. Larger-scale installations are the operator’s responsibility and are not included in the costs. Please visit our "Support" section for further documentation, or contact us directly for more information.