Machine insights and alerts—everywhere

The Machine Insight Center: intuitive predictive maintenance software—an interface between you and perfect machine information. Access advanced analytics, get early alerts of machine failures, all in the MIC.

The Machine Insight Center advantage

  • Easy-to-understand analytics

    Intuitive visualizations and root-cause analysis of faults

  • Comprehensive, real-time insights

    See it all: understand machine status at a glance

  • Early alerts of machine failures

    Receive alerts of machine problems before they cause failures

  • Alert severity information

    Clear visual signals indicate the urgency of every alert

  • Track alert resolutions

    Document alerts and maintenance to track machine condition over time

  • Mobile and desktop versions

    An intuitive user interface, wherever you are

Analytics at your fingertips

The Machine Insight Center is your portal to the core of AiSight’s predictive maintenance solution: advanced analytics. Access rich machine information developed by our expert analysts, including graphs and root-cause analysis of faults.

Real-time monitoring, early alerts

AiSight’s predictive maintenance solution provides constant machine monitoring. Check the Machine Insight Center for real-time insights on machine condition and receive alerts of failures months in advance.

Early alerts

Received an early alert of a machine problem? Quickly access root-cause analysis. Log information on resolved alerts to track machine health over time.

Insights at your scale

The Machine Insight Center has your facility covered. Whether you monitor a handful of machines or require multiple sensors on hundreds of machines, the Machine Insight Center keeps everything in sight.


The Machine Insight Center’s view to everything. See the status of all monitored equipment at a glance.

The AiSight Machine Insight Center

The power of predictive maintenance in the palm of your hand

The AiSight Machine Insight Center

The power of predictive maintenance in the palm of your hand