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How to benefit from continuous methane emissions monitoring.

While CO2 is considered the largest contributor to global warming, methane has a warming potential that is 84x greater than CO2 over a 20-year period. New regulations and ESG standards, investors and the public are addressing this mismatch with a distinct call to action. Many industries such as the energy sector must act, and act quickly. However, existing methane detection technologies face several limitations: they are intermittent, and therefore inaccurate, cumbersome and expensive.

Take the guesswork out of emissions monitoring and enjoy peace of mind! Nubo Sphere reliably monitors your assets all day, every day and alerts you in real time whenever unintended emissions occur, not just when a survey is performed. You can cut total costs, win new business and create a true picture of your total emissions.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Want to be a leader in your industry? Nubo Sphere’s real-time emissions data and actionable insights help to improve your team’s workflow efficiency to repair the largest emission sources faster than ever before. Consequentially, achieve greater emission reductions and increase sales of your product. Let Nubo Sphere show you how much you can really save and gain.

Are you a member of the OGMP (Oil and Gas Methane Partnership) and want to achieve the Level 5 gold standard? Then you need a measurement technology that provides an accurate picture of all methane emissions at your sites, including intermittent emissions. Our Nubo Sphere solution makes it possible: by continuously monitoring your sites, Nubo Sphere captures and quantifies all methane emissions, facilitating the reconciliation process.

Wall Street is increasingly cautious about investing in the energy sector. Emissions data, based on actual measurements and not estimates, provides investors with the confidence they need to evaluate and validate your environmental performance.

Capitalize on new market trends like Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) and seize the opportunity to make a surcharge on a commodity whose distinguishing features are responsible operations. Set yourself apart from the competition.

The regulatory environment is changing worldwide. Get ahead of the game now by implementing a continuous monitoring program with Nubo Sphere and become an independently certified natural gas vendor to prove your ESG commitment.

Show off your environmental stewardship to the public and accelerate your company’s emissions reduction objectives with Nubo Sphere to tackle the global goal of net zero. Today, environmental reporting of emissions and air quality is based on estimates. Continuous monitoring gives operators empirical data from actual operations, making ESG reporting verifiable, credible and trustworthy.

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Further use cases


Reduce your agricultural GHG footprint and potentially increase income through opportunities on the carbon offset market.


Monitor and report on methane emissions seeping from active or abandoned mines to keep the environment safe and healthy.

Landfill gas collection

Detect CH4 emissions from organic waste decomposition in a cost-efficient, rapid manner to streamline operations and ensure a safe environment.

Wastewater treatment

Monitor and track emissions originating from anaerobic digestion at any time for meaningful decision-making and reporting.

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