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03/27/2023 - 03/29/2023

Methane Mitigation Summit Europe

Oil & Gas Industry

With the EU Commission presenting a proposal on methane reduction, there has never been a more critical time for companies to address how to drive down emissions. The proposal, which builds on the EU Methane Strategy 2020 and the Global Methane Pledge launched at COP26, introduces new requirements in terms of MRV, abatement measures including LDAR, restrictions on venting and flaring and an increase in transparency on methane emissions associated with fossil fuels imports. This has led to Oil and Gas operators needing to implement best practices to identify, measure, monitor and eliminate methane emissions, factor emissions reduction into operational planning and build a culture focused on methane mitigation - all while continuing to meet the global demand for affordable and reliable oil and natural gas.

Schedule a meeting and meet us in Amsterdam to learn more about our methane emissions monitoring solution "Nubo Sphere" and how we support the oil and gas industry in locating unintentional leaks and quantifying methane emissions in a cost-efficient manner.

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