Nubo Sphere

Locate leaks reliably, minimize emissions sustainably


  • Plug and play with LTE connectivity and GPS positioning
  • Highly sensitive and selective CH4 sensing elements
  • Designed for autonomous operation under tough conditions
  • Operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C – 50°C/-4°F – 122°F 
  • IP65-rated design for superior water resistance
  • Low-power design and large lithium battery ensure operation for more than a week in absolute darkness
  • Large data buffer of more than a day allows for operation in areas with weak or intermittent cellular coverage
  • Secure encrypted communications (TLS 1.2)

Fast & easy installation: 3 steps in less than 10 minutes

Step 1 – Fix pole mounts

Fix the pole mounting plates to the pole with band ties. The universal mounting plate is compatible with all of the system’s elements and a wide variety of pole diameters.

Step 2 – Mount sensor node and accessories

Simply attach the sensor node by sliding the system’s backplate into the mounting plate. The system holds in place so that you can easily tighten the fixation screws. Do the same for the wind sensor and solar panel. Align both and connect the cables.

Step 3 – Register device

Once the power is connected, the device automatically starts communication with our cloud. There’s no need for configuration. Simply scan the QR code to register the device and link it with your organization/site network.

Smart cartridge system

The future-proof system design with its two exchangeable sensor cartridges allows easy maintenance and sustainable upgrades to the latest sensor technologies.

In case of customer-specific sensing needs or changing regulatory requirements, parameters can be added in a very flexible manner and on an as-needed basis without any need to exchange the entire system.

Compact and robust system

The innovative and reliable sensor node impresses due to its slim and compact design, while the complete system is extremely robust and easy to mount.

Want to try Nubo Sphere? A demo is just a click away.