12/06/2022 - 12/08/2022

Methane Mitigation Summit 2022

Oil & Gas Industry

As the oil and gas industry responds, leaders must be focused on implementing best practices to identify, measure, monitor and manage methane, to meaningfully drive down emissions, while continuing to meet the global demand for affordable and reliable oil and natural gas.

If you’re tasked with reducing methane emissions in your operations, join us at the National Summit on Methane Mitigation, taking place at the Norris Conference Centre, Houston on December 6-8, 2022.

Join over 150 of your industry peers and:

  • Navigate the regulatory landscape
  • Understand next steps and opportunities for the oil and gas Industry
  • Look at how industry initiatives are working in tandem with policy and regulation
  • Streamline company-level measurement & reporting of methane emissions data 
  • Understand what process changes and adjustments global leaders are making to reduce methane emissions
  • Get up to the minute updates on methane mitigation research and development efforts including monitoring sensors, data management systems, modular conversion technologies and alternative uses for stranded natural gas
  • Make divestment of high-emitting assets the responsible choice
  • Improve the integrity and credibility of methane emissions data
  • Balance technical complexity and variability between different facilities
  • Understand the latest standards for leak detection technologies and practices
  • Plus much more...

Find more infomation about the event here.