09/28/2022 - 09/29/2022

Carbon+Intel Forum

Oil & Gas Industry
Houston, Texas / USA

An increasing number of countries and organizations have adopted net-zero emissions targets, drawing attention to the need for CCUS. By August 2020, 14 countries and the European Union (EU) – representing around 10% of energy-related global CO2 emissions – had adopted formal net-zero emissions targets in national law or proposed legislation to that effect, with a target date of 2045, 2050 or beyond (IEA, 2020a). Similar targets are under discussion in about 100 other countries.

On 28-29 September 2022, Gulf Energy Information will host the inaugural Carbon Intelligence Forum – a conference that will address the growing need for information relating to carbon capture markets, policy and regulation, innovative carbon reduction technologies, and trends.

Join the talk of our colleague Ryan Fitzpatrick, Business Developer Manager at Sensirion Connected Solutions, to learn how you can reduce your methane emissions, save costs and comply with evolving ESG standards by using our innovative solution Nubo Sphere.

Find mroe information about the event here.